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I have personally written and designed these Bible Studies for the curious, the searching, and the sincere. They have been created to help clarify and simplify the mysterious and sometimes confusing Prophecies of the Bible. Yes, we can understand the book of Revelation. Yes, we can know the depths and details of Salvation through Jesus. Yes, we can know where we are in the biblical time line and on the prophetic clock.

  • My Bible studies are in PDF format.

  • They can be downloaded and printed and shared.

  • Accompanying each bible study is a video or series of short videos that will walk you through the studies.

  • You can do these studies in the comfort of your home.

  • Invite your friends and neighbors to have a group Bible study.

  • Share these studies with others.

  • Ask me questions.

Let's study together!

Prophetic Interpretation


Did you know that there is a method of prophetic interpretation revealed in the Bible? God has established, within His Word, basic principles of interpretation that helps us to understand the deep truths and mysterious prophecies of the Bible. This set of studies will walk you through time-tested principles to help you safely and confidently come to a knowledge of Biblical concepts and prophetic insights.

The Prophetic Timeline

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Do the prophecies of the Bible reveal where we are today? Yes! God has taken great care to give us a prophetic timeline that not only reveals when Jesus came the first time, but when we are near to His second coming. In fact, we can know with absolute certainly the times in which we live. These studies will take us through the time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. This is an interactive study where you get to draw out the timelines yourself as we study.

The Message in the Sanctuary

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Did you know that the plan of salvation has been clearly laid out in the Sanctuary/Tabernacle God told Moses to build? That's right! In fact, there are prophesies being fulfilled today relating to the work of Jesus as our High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary. What is significant about the Sanctuary and it's services? And what Sanctuary prophesies are being fulfilled today?

Basics to Understanding Revelation

bible and sanctuary.png

If you want to study Revelation, it is helpful to learn a few basic truths about the key symbols and players in the book. The sanctuary is often spoken about in Revelation, for example. Where is this sanctuary? Can God's people be clearly identified in Revelation? Who are they? Discovering these important details will help us to understand Revelation in proper perspective as we continue to study.

The Antichrist of Bible Prophecy

Man Tying Shoelaces

Can we know for sure who this guy is? What does the Bible say about him? When will he show up? Contrary to popular theory, there is actually extensive information on the Antichrist of Bible prophecy. Why would God leave us in the dark about one of the greatest and final deceptions of all time? There are nearly a hundred identifying characteristics that can be gleaned from Scripture, particularly in the books of Daniel and Revelation. In fact, the Antichrist is one of the key players in Revelation and knowing who he is will help us to unlock much of Revelation's current prophecies.  Let's study!

America in Bible Prophecy

america in bible prophecy.png

Surely the Bible says something about this amazing nation? Yes, it does. Not only does it predict it's birth but it reveals the role in plays in current prophecy.

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