Cover designs I was playing with. The second one is the cover laid out flat, includes the back.

Neither one of the cover ideas will include the JW seal in the end.

In this book, I took a hard realistic, raw, unsoftened look at who God is when “bad things” hit us. I wanted the truth. I wanted the details. If there was assurance to be found, I wanted it. If there was peace to be grasped, I wanted it. If there were lies that needed to be unmasked, I was willing to look. I wanted the hard evidence, practical truths, tangible beliefs, and a solid conclusion.

I also discovered that, for me, writing a book is the easy part. I just study and write and love it. It is actually publishing the book that requires determination and education, especially if I want to self publish and publish well. It has been a year since I finished the first manuscript (in March 2019), I plan to get it published within a few months!

The progress...

  • Finish manuscript

  • 1st edit

  • Foreword

  • Preface

  • Contents page

  • Acknowledgements

  • Explore:

    • Who is your audience

    • Will your book stand out from others on the topic – YES!

    • Qualifications for writing…

  • One sentence thesis of book’s main point

  • Read by one or two pastors

  • 2nd edit

  • Summarize each chapter

  • Preparing book for Self-publication:

  • Revise 1st half of book, adding depth and combining thoughts/chapters.

  • Another edit of 1st half of book.

  • Final proof-read; add chapter dividers.

  • Learning to format my book and all the ins and outs of self-publishing!

  • Creating Front matter and back matter of book

  • Designing the Cover of the book

  • ALSO preparing book to submit to publishing house. Working on the dreaded query letter (if I choose that route).



My book used to be titled, "Smooth Sailing" because I liked how stormy seas -- the reality of life, contrasted with the idea that we can sometimes have that life should be smooth sailing. I have since renamed the book Storm Seas.

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