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Painting for a Purpose and with a Mission.

I always loved to draw. Drawing horses were my favorite when I was a little girl. Soon I began studying books on drawing landscapes and the human form, trying to capture everything in the most intricate detail.


I remember studying through the book Bridgeman's Complete Guide to Drawing Life, a book on learning to draw the human form from the bone structure to the muscles and tendons etc. I drew nearly every illustration in the book -- over 1000 sketches!

My husband, who is an amazing artist, got me interested in color and painting. From there on I just couldn't put the brushes down. Acrylic and watercolor are the two main mediums I work in.

Through the years I painted the local scenery and wildlife for a small income. I have sold over 400 paintings to people all over the world. But now I don't just paint because I can; I don't just paint because I want to... I paint because I have been inspired with a mission and a purpose that is greater than I!

I believe that my ability to paint was meant to be used for something far above what I can ever really imagine; It was made for the work of the King Jesus, to be in His service, for this purpose, and for this time.


What a privilege and what an amazing opportunity to be able to team up with Jesus to touch a hurting world.


~ Wendy Armfield

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