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Have you ever found an empty nest in tree or fallen. It is amazing how intricate and specialized they are. Amazing how a creature with bird and beak and claw can weave these delicate containers to hold their eggs. Each nest has been woven artfully together by a little designer. 


I think that we were meant to be in awe of these little things -- in joyful wonderment! They point to a Greater Designer who has woven each design into every bird's brain. These beautiful nests tell us that God knows every detail of our lives as well.


Empowering and Encouraging, Biblical messages have been thoughtfully combined with each delightful painting to bring inspirational messages to each person who receive a card. Little precious reminders: the Providence Nest, the Peace Nest, the Beautiful Nest, and the Rest Nest.


On the back of the card are Bible verses to look up so that one can learn more about Jesus' precious promises!


This collection of note cards come BLANK on the inside so that you can fill them with your own wonderful messages.


Note: you have three options for how many cards you want:

  1. The Set of 8 cards (two of each nest) is $11.99.
  2.  The Set of 12 cards (three of each nest) is $14.99.
  3. The Set of 16 cards (4 of each nest) is $19.95.

You must choose which set you want before you can proceed to check out.



Nests of Inspiration ~ Greeting Card Sets of 8, 12, 16


    • This listing has the option of three different sets. You get to choose how many cards you want (8, 12, and 16).  
    • The inside of the cards are BLANK.
    • The size of these Cards are 4 x 6".
    • They come with natural brown envelopes.
    • The JW seal does not appear on the actual prints.
    • Vibrant colors, mat finish on inside for easy writing.
    • 100lb premium paper.
    • These prints are professionally printed by a local print shop and the quality is superb!
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