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The JOYFULwonderment MINISTRY Policies for Printables and Digital Files



My printable cards were created 'to be shared,' to be given away to people who need the uplift. But there is a danger that these paintings/designs meant for your ministry could be copied or pirated without permission by those who have not purchased them and the privilege to reproduce them.  


When I created this project I understood and accepted that this could happen and probably will happen from time to time. It is just the reality that artwork can be copied and downloaded in various ways because of the nature of digital files placed online. I don’t think it would be done maliciously to hurt anyone, but that the person sees it, likes it, and takes it without much thought. I pray that my artwork would then continue to do what it was designed to do; that is to touch a hurting world with a message of love, truth, hope, encouragement, and joy.


The greatest danger of this happening would most likely be if my paintings/designs are shared as a large digital image on social media. Social media is a sharing technology. It is designed to share and spread the news of whatever. That’s great! The question is: if this happens extensively could it undercut those who pay for the image in the first place? I don’t want that to happen.


The JOYFULwonderment Printable Card Ministry is a ministry, but it is also a business. I am trying to make a living doing what God has created and called me to do. And no one can run a business if their products or services are always free for the taking. A general rule and a good business practice is that I need a plan for protecting the integrity of my business and for providing exceptional and exclusive artwork to my hard working, paying customers.


This leads me to making a policy about how the digital files of my paintings are used. Now, no one likes policies, but they are necessary if someone is trying to or inadvertently take advantage.



None of the eight monthly digital files intended for the JOYFULwonderment Printable Card ministry, paid for by my patrons, and sent to them through email can be shared through an email, on social media, or online in any way except by the method explained below. All patrons of my art participating in the JOYFULwonderment Printable Card ministry have permission and privilege to print them and share the printed cards at will for the purpose of touching a hurting world in a special and unique way. All cards intended for the JOYFULwonderment Printable Card ministry purchased by patrons of my art cannot be sold by my patrons or by anyone else, and they cannot be used to for monetary purposes without the permission of the artist.

The Joyful Impact Stranger Cards and The Joyful Affirmation Identity Cards fall under the same policy as the JOYFULWonderment Printable Cards.


The JOYFULwonderment PRINTABLES POLICY FOR THE joyFULL Ministry Planner and the DailyJOY Personal Devotional: The joyFULL Ministry Planner and the DailyJOY Personal Devotional are designed for personal use and are meant to be used ONLY by Patrons of my art and cannot be shared or sold.


Thank you for adhering to and respecting these policies as they protect the integrity of my business and ensures that you, as a patron of my art, get exceptional and exclusive printable paintings for a life time!

Wendy Armfield, artist and creator of the JOYFULwonderment Ministries.

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