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Affirmation Cards

Beautiful, mission-minded prints designed to affirm the love of God, inspire hope, and uplift the soul with encouragement.

A easy size to carry with you (4.25"x5.5"). They are sturdy and professionally printed by my local print shop. These prints are only available to my patrons.

Touching the world together!

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JOYnotes Newsletter

A beautiful newsletter designed to inspire, uplift, and inform with a Christian focus.

My newsletter mailing list is not created to bombard you with annoying emails, but with thoughtfulness and respect you may receive a delightful email once or twice a month.

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Greeting Cards

Professionally and exquisitely designed for the opportunities of life that require more than just a text or an email.

Latest Collections:  

  • Little Bird Note Cards

  • Bird's Nests Greeting Card Collections

  • Bumble Bee "B-Still" Note Cards


Giving hope & encouragement!

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Patron Program

If you have an existing ministry or would like to start a little ministry, my JOYJULWonderment Patron Program blesses patrons with a set of the latest Affirmation Prints and greeting cards every month, automatically delivered in the mail -- hassle free!

It's a great way to reach out to those around and you stay connect through beautiful, uplifting art.

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My book:

Stormy Seas

I have written a book that explores who is God and where He is when we go through the difficulties of life. It is a deep study that asks deep questions, gives honest answers, and provides many opportunities to heal and grow in faith.

Learn more about Stormy Seas and where to get a book!

Spreading the Joy around!


Gallery of Paintings

In the cold winter months I come to the canvas with a need to fill it with bright, warm, colorful scenes. Every winter a new collection of mid-sized to large acrylic paintings are born. Plus, my neighbors get together ever few weeks to throw some paint around on canvas


This gallery reveals my latest creations and growing collection. 

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