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"One of the neatest things about your Printables, Wendy, is that I can print each card as many times as I need and in different formats. I carry a small supply in my purse, and the other day I ended up giving every single one to a clerk in the little retail store I was shopping in. She had shared a bit of what was happening in her life, and it was evident that she really needed some encouragement. I wish you could have seen her face! She just beamed as she told me that they were going to go up on the walls of her children’s rooms.

Thank you for sharing the fun of spreading cheer and hope with me."

Jeanina B.

Reno, NV

I love to show and share your printable cards.  Everyone I show them to loves them. It's a joy touching other people’s lives. I want to thank you, Wendy, for your awesome inspiration of printable cards that touch and inspire others.


One time I was showing the “latest” card set to a volunteer/co-worker and she saw one that really touched her heart.  She said, “Thank you so much for sharing this with me it is exactly what I needed.” I said, “Here please keep it.”  She tried to refuse saying, “No, no. It is yours.” And with joy I told her it was mine to give and I wanted her to have it.  She then accepted it with tears in her eyes.

Martha G.

Estes Park, CO

Dear Dorothy, I just love the card you sent—it came at the perfect time. That wonderful message in Joshua encouraged me as I came home from surgery and started the real work of rehab exercises.  I’ve loved Wendy’s art from the first time I saw it—so delicate, and airy, yet distinctive with her particular strength and personality. I always feel the breeze and the sun and the outdoors when I see her drawing. I have the card you sent me on my bathroom mirror, telling me to be courageous every time I see it and don’t feel like it! Your sister…

Betty Ruth C.

Blacksburg, VI

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