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Talking to Strangers

Strangers: How do you reach them? Who might they be?

The thing with strangers is just that – they are strangers. Most often we have no insight into their lives. We know nothing about them, but reaching out to them can powerfully and meaningfully impact their lives in ways we may never know. There are a few ways to look at them that might help us find opportunities

to give a card or Bible study to them.

These strangers may seem to be:

Sad. Depressed. Full of strife.

No peace. Angry. Unusually quiet.

Timid or Anxious. Tired. Overwhelmed.

  • How can you encourage them? What can you say in the simplest way?

Perhaps they have a joyful attitude and a helpful spirit and you want to say, “Thank you, I appreciate you, because you brightened my day and put a smile on my face when I need it too.”

Telling someone you appreciate something about them is a form of encouragement as well!

Another way to look at the strangers around us is their apparent age range. Teenagers and elderly are fairly recognizable and there are specific things that these people need to hear at that point in their lives (see my other blog articles on ideas how to reach out to them).

Then there are the people in between that can be hard to place specifically at any age… but let that not deter us. These people might be someone we see on occasion or regular basis, like a cashier or waiter/waitress, etc. It is probably ok to ask them a few general questions to help give you an idea of more specifics ways you can encourage and pray for them.

The Mini Ministry Cards are perfect for strangers because they are small, easy to carry on you. You can write a simple message on the back that says something like: "I am praying for you." "You are special."

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