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Create and Donate these thoughtful DIY items to nursing home

Thoughts on how to reach out to elderly:

A life that was once full with responsibilities and activity can often become slow and seemingly empty. Their bodies are just not capable of doing all the things they once loved to do.

Many times, elderly are put on the back burner in a nursing home. Here, a strong sense of helplessness and a lack of freedom and familiarity can make them feel like their life really is over and that they are no longer of value to their families and society. The feelings of uselessness, loneliness, and depression can deeply pervade their lives.

They may feel like a burden to their families, feeling guilty or ashamed that they are ailing and increasingly dependence on others for care.

  • What can you say to them?

  • How can you help them to know that you appreciate them?

  • How can you show them that they still have purpose and value?

  • What card can you give them that would be a special blessing to them?

Venessa Beaty's DIY & Crafts blog has some great ideas and helpful insight for bringing thoughtful, handmade items to a nursing home as a way of telling them they are special, loved, and valued.

She has put together 26 DIY Craft ideas that are thoughtful and practical. Honestly, it would be fun to get together with your friends (or church woman's ministry) and make some of her ideas up!

Each idea has step by step instructions and pictures.

Just click on the image below to go to her article.

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