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A Ministry of Truth

What does it mean to "speak truth" in today's social climate? This is a fuzzy world to maneuver in. It seems like there are new land minds around every corner that we have to look out for lest we accidentally offend.

Often times the world thinks of truth as cold, stern, and hard. As if it were out to get them, restrict them, and smash them. The world tends to brace against solid truth and block its voice. Though truth may be unmoving and uncompromising, it is anything but cold and unsympathetic.

Truth is meant to be a healing balm and a joyful song to those who long to hear it.

...Especially in a world where anything goes! There is no solidity. Integrity is sparse. "If you don't accept it you're against it!" Honesty is thought of as frail and weak. Virtue is unpopular and outdated. There is literally nothing to stand on in this world!

Yet, it is the Truth that reminds people that they are still beautiful. And it is Truth that inspires them to hope and invites them to come to Jesus, the Water and Bread of life.

As we put ourselves in a place of ministry and service for God to reach the people around us, we are touching them with Truth.

For us, truth is a firm foundation of which we can stand and build our ministry upon. As we deal with society’s constant onslaught of shadowy shades of gray and whirlwind of philosophies, truth anchors us securely so that we are not "tossed about by every wind of doctrine" (Ephesians 4:14).

The truth is, so many people are wandering through the darkness, trying to find something that will genuinely bind their wounds, heal their broken hearts, and speak truth to their thirsting souls. God’s Spirit strengthens us to stand upon the truth amidst diverging ideas and growing deceptions so that we can be a shining light and a loving beacon to those around us.

Truth is a natural part of JOYFULwonderment Ministries because each message on every card speaks truth to the people you share it with.

The enemy’s midnight scenes are ever flickering with promises of delight and enlightenment but his ways leave his victims with empty promises and dead ends. When you share the JOYFULwonderment Cards, truth, along with your compassion and love, is what reassures people that God will help them through their present trials -- they need to know that and they want to know that there is help outside themselves, beyond this world's shaky ground!

The world needs to hear God's messages of truth: that He is a loving God ready to receive them with forgiving arms, that He is a mighty God ready to save them from their guilt and shame, that He is a merciful God ready to teach them the way of gracea and peace...

This world is full of hurting people and God wants to reach them with messages of restoration and hope -- messages of truth!

Let's Stand Together in Truth, and boldly share the truth about Jesus. Jesus told us in John 12:32, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me." He was referring to when He would be crucified on the cross. His death on the cross demonstrated the never ending love of God and it is that love -- that unconditional sacrifice of love for a dying world that would draw them to Him!

We hold the greatest treasure -- the Good News of the Gospel -- in our hands. Together, in prayer and hand in hand with God we can go forth boldly teaching the world about who God really is.

It is true that not all will accept our messages of love. Some will rise up against it, but Jesus never said it would be easy. He knows we have a very active enemy trying to mar, scar, and defame the character of our loving Savior. He knows that satan's spirit is always trying to inspire and motivate a hatred for the truth.

We are not here to engage in angry arguing and rage filled defense of our God. We are here to demonstrate His love and His grace-filled power in our lives while sharing His truth.

Romans 12:1, "And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable, perfect will of God."

May we seek to be renewed and filled by the Holy Spirit of God that we may prove -- demonstrate -- that good and acceptable, perfect will of God.

Go forth, filled, motivated, inspired with the message of truth!

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