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Creating a Mailing Ministry

The most rewarding part of this ministry is to prayerfully place your hand in God's hand and let Him lead you out to bless the people around you -- those you know and those you don't know. There is something about seeing their faces and making that treasured connection as you give them a card.

And there is a thrilling feeling you get knowing that you just did something for God that might have been scary at first because it involved doing something out of your comfort zone.

There may be people on our hearts that live far from us, so the only way to reach them is by mailing a card. Reaching out through the mail can be really special now-a-days because nearly ever interaction is texting, messaging, emailing, social media, etc. The fact that you took the time to go through the whole "snail-mailing process" to send them a hand written note means a lot!

​What do you need to get started?

- Make a list of everyone you can think of that you can send a card to.

- Think about what their needs might be...

- Think about what card to give them. What will you say? What do you want to say? It doesn't have to be a long letter, it can be really simple.


- Large envelopes that your cards will fit in 5x7" or larger.

- Bright white card stock.

--Of you can have your cards printed at a print shop. Just put the files of the cards you want to print on a flash drive and ask the people at the store to print them for you.

Staying Organized

One way that helps me stay organized is sticky notes. After making a list of people and picking out cards for them. I print the cards and put a sticky note on the card with the name of the person it is going to. That helps me to remember which card goes to whom.

Then I compile everything I want to send to them (if there is anything else other than the card). Write out a thoughtful note that is personal and real. Put it in an envelope. Address it. Stamp it and off it goes to the post office!

God will bless all our meager efforts if we do it in faith and hope in Him.

~ Happy Mailing!

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