Jonah comes to mind here. God asked, invited, Jonah to reach out to a wicked city full of wicked people because God wanted those people to come to a knowledge of Him and be saved.


Jonah turned away. He didn't care about Ninevites and their plight. They deserved the wrath of God -- he thought. He didn't want to share God's mercy with them, so he ran away from God.


Well God pursued Jonah, as God does to us. And when Jonah found himself in a storm with no way out. He jumped over board into the stormy sea, but God had a large fish prepared for Jonah. To save Jonah and bring him back to God. Back into focus.


No matter what you face, God has a solution to every problem and it can be the strangest thing, the wildest ride, the craziest idea. God has a million ways and a million solutions that haven't even crossed our minds. Remember that.


(Check out the back of the card. Quoted is Isaiah 40:12, 22, 28.)

Solution to Every Problem -- Art Print


    • The size of the prints are 4.25 x 5.5".
    • The JW seal does not appear on the actual prints
    • Vibrant colors, mat finish on back for easy writing.
    • 80lb premium paper.
    • These prints are professionally printed and the quality is superb!