Nothing speaks more of frantic business than that of a little hummingbird whisking around in search of necter. These little buggers are always on the go. Yet, for their size, they accomplish incredible, vast journeys and meet all sorts of gigantic challenges.


It is fitting that one of these little guys should be painted with the Bible verse  Romans 12:12.

  • Hope brings joy into our hearts and helps us to look on the bright side of daunting challenges.
  • Patience during difficult times is a work that God is capable of creating in us with our willingness. For, "This too shall pass."
  • In all things, a faithfulness in prayer will breath into our lives courage and strength to keep moving forward. Prayerful connection with God sustains us.


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Joyful Patient Faithful - Art Print

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    • The size of the prints are 4.25 x 5.5".
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    • 80lb premium paper.
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