The painting of this bear hanging on a tree branch is not a hopeless situation. God has the power to turn things around!


I have always loved this message. We have to deal with messes, tests, trials, and battle feelings of being a victim all the time. But in every situation, God can turn things around. He may not remove us from the mess or the trial, but He can turn what appears to be bad situations into good things. Trust Him with your problems.


It's true:

  • Jesus can turn a mess into a message! Look for it!
  • Jesus can turn a test into a testimony. Share it!
  • Jesus can turn a trial into a triumph. Pray for it!
  • Jesus can turn a victim into a victory. Let Him do it!


Pass this adorable bear reminder to everyone in your life! It's like a bear hug of hope!

Jesus Changes Things ~ Art Print


    • The size of the prints are 4.25 x 5.5".
    • The JW seal does not appear on the actual prints
    • Vibrant colors, mat finish on back for easy writing.
    • 80lb premium paper.
    • These prints are professionally printed by a local print shop and the quality is superb!