I saw this quote and the imagery of this painting came to mind. We have great plans for ourselves but somewhere along the way things go awry. We choose different paths and make bad decisions. It is hard to navigate life's challenges.


Looking back, we see where we had wanted to be better and do better but instead there is a crooked path strewn with broken dreams. It is here we might think that we have also broken God's plans for us. How could He use us now? What good are we now?


The truth is, we are not that powerful. God binds up our wounds and heals our broken heart. As He does that, He reveals new plans, wonderful plans! His plan is still to redeem, restore, and renew us. It is never too late to re-commit, surrender, and move forward with Him, in His will.


Did people come to your mind when you were reading about this card? They need to know that they didn't mess up beyond repair. God still has a plan for them.

Broken Plans - Art Print

SKU: BP0717

    • The size of the prints are 4.25 x 5.5".
    • The JW seal does not appear on the actual prints
    • Vibrant colors, mat finish on back for easy writing.
    • 80lb premium paper.
    • These prints are professionally printed and the quality is superb!