This popular saying says it all -- don't get discouraged with your failures and shortcomings! We tend to put ourselves down more than we realize, thus, we tend to not realize our full potential.


When something looks scary and it looks like we would not be able to face it, with God we can! Sometimes we don't feel very smart, but God created us with an intellect that can learn and grow. Sometimes we don't feel very strong -- sometimes we are down-right weak! But thats not the end of the story. God has the ability to carry us and strengthen us to endure what we couldn't do on our own. We are more loved that we know!

Braver, Smarter, Strong, Loved


    • The size of the prints are 4.25 x 5.5".
    • The JW seal does not appear on the actual prints
    • Vibrant colors, mat finish on back for easy writing.
    • 80lb premium paper.
    • These prints are professionally printed by a local print shop and the quality is superb!