How to DOWLOAD your Printable Cards.

Your printable cards will come to you as an attached jpg file through the email. A jpg file is a common image format that is compatible with pretty much every computer. 

In the email, the attached file usually appears at the bottom of the text, but it may vary depending on the type of email you have.


The image of the printable card itself may even appear or just the name of the file. In any case, you should have several different options of what to do with the attached file.


One of the options is to download the file. This option may appear as a download symbol or the words "download file" or both. Click on this option. It is usually a link that tells your computer to download it. Your computer may ask you if you want to continue to download it. Yes, click on the correct response to the answer and follow through with the download. It should only take a few seconds.

Your computer may ask you where you want to save the file either before or after you download the image. I recommend saving it into your Pictures into a special folder named "JOYFULcards," for example.

You will have to do this with each attached file.


Your may have to create this folder before you download it. Just go to Pictures, and at the top of the Picture box there should be an option that says something like "new fold." Click that to create a new folder for your cards.

How to Print your Cards from your computer (PC)

AFTER you have downloaded the printable cards onto your computer. Look it up in the file you saved it. You can double click it or left click.


If you left click the image, a box of options will appear and one of them should say "print." Click it.

The image should open up in a box that allows you to preview the image. It should give you various options: how many you want to print, how many images you want to appear on one page, and what size you want the image to be.

Double clicking opens the image to a larger view and should give you the option to print it. Search around for the print option. It will either appear as a print symbol or say the word "print." Follow the "print" options and it will take you to the same window mentioned above.

If you are having trouble will the whole process, that's ok. It may just take some practice.

Anyone can Print these cards; its easy!

Rejoice! Don't let a lack of understanding discourage you from learning how to utilize this amazing opportunity to touch the world around you.


Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.


Or locate a person you know, who has a knowledge of computers that can personally walk you through the process. It really is easy after you learn how to do it!


What about printers and papers? What kind is the best to use? And which paper is the best to print on?

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