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the JOYFULwonderment


Patron Program

                                                   Painting for a Purpose and with a Mission.

​                                                             My Story.

                                                          I wanted to use my skills, talents, and abilities in ministry for God -- but

                                                          how?! Well, the Lord started opening my eyes and my heart to see

                                                          a world of hurting people.


                                                          We all know that life can be really hard. People around us everywhere

                                                          have unseen struggles, worries and concerns. The Lord started showing

                                                          me how I could touch a hurting world with with all the fun and creative

                                                          stuff I can do!


                                                          I started to paint and design Affirmation Cards that could be given to

                                                          anyone who needed encouragement.

​I knew that if I were seeking something like this, then there were probably others out there that were looking for the same way to witness to the people around them. And sure enough, there were! There were people out there who wanted to have their own personal ministry too. Who were seeking beautiful, artfully designed materials that were practical and ready to use.

That is why I created JOYFULwonderment Ministries Patron Program to equip and support Christians who want to touch a hurting world with messages of love, hope and encouragement.


As a watercolor artist and writer, I design simple, ready to use material that is delivered to your door every month.

  • Now you don’t have to wonder how to reach the people around you...

  • These beautiful, captivating art prints integrated with inspiring messages are easy to carry with you where ever you go and a joy to hand out.

  • You don’t have to worry about "running out of options" or overusing the same prints, because every month you get two fresh new print designs with the opportunity to reach new people or the same people with different prints.

  • You can have the option to start small and grow or start bigger.

  • My Affirmation Prints are professionally printed by a local print shop

  • These prints are available exclusively to patrons only!

--> I mail them to you every month. Hassle free.

               No worries. Ready to use.

As the artist and creator of JOYFULwonderment Ministries, I want to let you know that I am here to:

  • ~ support you

  • ~ pray for you

  • ~ answer your questions

  • ~ inspire, motivate, and encourage you

  • ~ provide thoughtful insight and inspiration you can pass on

~> Basically, you are not alone!

How does my JOYFULwonderment Patron Program work?

I have found to be the perfect platform to make this ministry work efficiently. Patreon is a site designed by artists for artists of all types. It is a safe, well established site that enables artists and creators to reach the world with their unique vision and products.


My JOYFULwonderment Patreon page is designed to connect you with the ministry materials I create.


And it works like a monthly subscription providing constant access to my latest, illustrative products.

When you "sign up"on my patreon page, you "become a patron" of my ministry.
"Become a Patron" means that your monthly support ensures that I can continue to create and equip you with fresh, beautiful, and fun prints you can use in ministry and outreach.


It's a partnership! We become a working team of ministry devoted people who want to touch a hurting world with the love, and hope, and encouragement of Jesus! Let's work together!

          To learn more, check out my

               JOYFULwonderment Patreon site!


Now you can get a collection of greeting cards every month!


"Your attention to detail is part of what makes your work so special. Thank you for sharing what it takes to provide these beautiful cards. When I see your cards I do not always look at the detail. The impact of the message, and the beauty of the painting is what grabs me and  depending on what is happening in my life at the time determines how each card affects me. Sometimes it grabs me in my gut with a heartfelt "Oh Wow!" I really needed this message. And sometimes it amazes my eyes and I am awed by the beauty. And sometimes I am reminded by the message of a forgotten responsibility to God and my fellow man. I am grateful to you for your dedication to your God given talent."

~ Martha G.

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